Assignment Shout-outs

 What we learned through the Literacies timeline . . . . .

“It stretched my idea of what it means to compose because I never thought making a Dipity would be considered composing but it is. It showed me new things and ways that I can eventually implement into my writing and visuals if I ever have a project like this in the future.” ~  Asante

“During the process of making the literacy timeline, I enjoyed reflecting back to my childhood. I also enjoyed creating the story of my experiences. I learned that as a writer, I can use other media besides pen and paper to portray my ideas. To compose before was writing a paper, book, or novel, but now is creating something in any media with thoughts and ideas written out.” ~ Savannah

“I thought it was a great assignment to the extent that it helped me to understand the many different possibilities there could be for general literacy. Making sure the assignment had more references to literacy rather than just the usual mention of books and writings was key to this assignment. The digital literacies and exotic literacies made this assignment fun, relatable and interesting.” ~ Ryan

“Doing the timeline was actually interesting.  I got to look back about how I was educated in topics, and I got to explain how I became the person I am today.”   ~ Acobo

“This is assignment made me think about how literacy is in a lot more life experiences than I thought. It’s not just reading and writing — it is an  an understanding for certain things. We had to look back on our past experiences that have led us to learning literacy, be it reading your first few books or sitting down to watch your favorite movie, and we organized it through an internet media. The timeline was a visual representation of our ideas put into chronological order. Then our author’s statement just explained it a little more. I think the assignment was engaging and great for visual thinkers.” ~  Alfredo

“I liked how the timeline reminded me some of my childhood memories, and I realized what each of the literacies actually did for me, in the long run. I learned that detailed descriptions and specific details communicate the meaning better than the generalized statements I’m used to writing. The assignment forced me to think about the ways I could connect with the reader, in just a short paragraph.”   ~ Nick

“I thought the project was interesting since it explores our own experiences. It made literacy more relatable. It was much better than simply writing a paper on literacy since it added a visual aspect to the project. With papers, people tend to lose focus unless the paper is really engaging; with this timeline, the pictures and short descriptions made it easier to understand. Also, seeing other people’s experiences helps to see how similar experiences shaped their ideas of literacy. Some of the timelines included things I remembered from my childhood so it was relevant to me.” ~ Andi

“This assignment stretched my ideas by broadening my view on literacy and I also have a physical definition of what literacy means.”  ~ Cambot

 “I learned that you can’t take a picture from the internet without citing its source. I honestly HATE citing text. It was something new to me that I would also have to site images.” ~ Grace

“The literacy timeline assignment was a good way for us to reflect on our past and connect it to who we are today. I liked the memories that came along with doing this assignment and the nostalgia that comes with it. As a writer I learned more about other people’s literacy backgrounds and who they are academically.” ~ Kiala

“I enjoyed making this timeline; it really forced me to think back and realize that many things have had an impact on my literary development. I had no troubles using the Dipity website; everything ran smoothly for me. It was really easy to use and I liked the way the events were placed in a timeline format. As a writer, I believe that I learned how to better describe myself and events in my life as well as how to go into further detail regarding various topics.” ~ Phillip

“I felt that our Timeline project was the most intellectually involved assignment I’ve had in a long time. I felt more inclined to give my full attention, and express myself more than I would in a typical task. I especially felt free in not being afraid to show who I am.” ~ Jacob K


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