Natalie Brown's Blog - WRIT 3150 - 2018

Natalie Brown’s Blog – WRIT 3150 – 2018



Patrick Bandy Blog – WRIT 3150 – 2017

Here are some student blogs created in my classes. As you read them, consider that they are works in progress and continually under revision. Composing in blogs allows students to understand revising in new ways as it goes beyond the “fixing” of texts into the development of their online identities and an evolving collection of their work.

Monty Montgomery's blog -WRIT 3150-SP17

Monty Montgomery’s blog -WRIT 3150-SP17

Readers will notice, the different types of writing, the ways students compose visually and the ways they organize their material.  The blogs contain exploratory entries, academic work (interdisciplinary), image galleries and links and resources.  I also encourage them to pursue their own ideas and shape their own categories.  Many of the writings in the blogs are still in draft form.  We created these in class to give students a space to create and fill as they continue their work at the university and in their lives after they leave the class.

See my Revising and Shaping Your Blog Assignment for Structure, Criteria and Categories.

Tiffany's Blog

Tiffany’s Blog

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