Digital Storytelling

LIndsey Grenier - Explore

LIndsey Grenier – Explore – WRIT 3150 – FA17

Digital storytelling:

Here are some links to student Digital Story examples. Note: Follow the links. Some are direct links and others are web pages where you will need to scroll down to view the stories/videos.


Faceless — Collaborative Story – Aiden Cantwell, Tiffany Davis, Aarion Dupree, Sam Lawrence – 4240-SP18

Rachel- Story of a Song.

Rachel- Story of a Song.


Beth’s story – The Come Up

Jamils Digital Story

Jamils Digital Story

Janay's Digital Story

Janay’s Digital Story

Liz Melendez - Math as Text -  Honors Thesis Abstract

Liz Melendez – Math as Text – – Multimodal Honors Thesis Introduction – SP2016

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