Literacies Timelines

 Literacies Timelines


Digital Literacy Timeline

“I felt that our Timeline project was the most intellectually involved assignment I’ve had in a long time. I felt more inclined to give my full attention, and express myself more than I would in a typical task. I especially felt free in not being afraid to show who I am” ~ Jacob K  ~ See Assignment Shout-outs for more student feedback.

In this Literacies Timeline assignment we explored ideas of literacies as I asked students to reflect on their literacy experiences.  We expanded the definition to include all texts and discourse communities that have influenced us.  We discussed the ways one is considered “literate” in this day and age and the concepts of “digital natives” and “dialect of the internet.”

The assignment asked students to place their literacy experiences on a visual timeline. Students used an online timeline creator  that provides templates and visual organizers.  After they created their timelines, they had to go back and write up contextualized authors’ statements in which they looked at their literacy experiences as a whole rather than in the isolated bubbles of the timeline.  The purpose of this part of the assignment was to consider a larger audience and to contextualize their timelines (they will later embed these as part of their blogs).  The assignment called for them to bring together the textual and the visual for this multimodal form (the Visual Literacy Timeline).




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  2. Bobbi says:

    What a great assignment! I particularly liked that you started with the visual first then followed by the writing. It appears very much like a framework for an autobiography. Excellent!

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