~Welcome to Acts of Composition ~

My name is Kim Haimes-Korn.  I am a Professor in the Department of Digital Writing and Media Arts here at SPSU.  I have been teaching composition for a long time and have watched the field move and change.  Now, when we teach writing we teach it so students gain rhetorical awareness — of their purposes, audiences, subjects and contexts.  So, instead of teaching writing as a series of forms and formats, we teach students to analyze and switch their language and approach based on the communication situations in which they find themselves.  With the digital tools available to us now, we can extend our meaning making opportunities through new lenses such as images, texts, gestures, music, and multimedia. Students write for the real world and participate in  “Acts of Composition” that ask them to analyze and compose multimodal texts for participatory and academic audiences.

It is with this spirit that I launch this page ~ The spirit that moves the imagination and involves us in the complicated, exciting adventure of what it means to compose in our world today.

Note: I am going to use this site to explore and showcase students’ acts of composition.  It is a work in progress.  Check back as I add ideas and projects throughout the semester.


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